Semi Lucid

living, rhymes and rhythm


Weak as weak does. Week in, weak out. Wreak shouts upon bleak

lands around, noisy now, speckled gothic grey then shrillish shriek.

Careful, close. Carry those whose tongues have stung the weakened young

and force the course of dark remorse. Morse coding sung til jury’s hung

defining findings binding you at last to lore of loveless past

now greets this heated piece of meat in lands of lucid licks that last

where peppered paper green and tapered tested, tethered, tied and preened

is bound by bounding hounds.  They’re hounding hopes that hackers can be weaned.

See silver staining stores remaining rolling round revered by reems

Though cotton can keep comforted by an arm unarmed unalarmed by themes.

Solace, sentimental steers the ship’s sweet wooden wasteland, hasty taste banned

can the crap canned calling cat bland, wearing glare of dirty hat stand.

Sleepless sifting softly, writing raw, the dawn adorns the window, gold.

Now noted nodding off, no more the floor feels warm and calls me, sleep! I’m sold.


Mooning me, meanders mindful looking down upon the mindless.