I’ve Been Busy

hooping, living

Hoopdance is my thing. A one-minute video I put up yesterday clocked 70,000 views on Facebook overnight. Raise the roof.

I uploaded it there without music. Here it is with beats.

To see the original visit http://facebook.com/hellyhoops



Some Of You May Not Know…

hooping, living, loving

That I’m a hoopdancer.

And of late, I’ve been falling in love with hooping, all over again.

Hooping? That’s a THING?

Why yes, yes it is. And trust me, there’s a lot more to it than waist hooping. Inspired by the joy of movement and other amazing hoopdancers around the world, I’ve started keeping a record of my jam sessions in the park.

If you have a couple of minutes, check it out. And decide for yourself whether I have ninja status yet!