Helly Hoops Update!


Hey there!

A few months ago there was a GoFundMe fundraiser to replace hula hoop that was stolen at a festival. Let me tell you a little about the magic that’s happened since then! 😉

With the donations raised by the community, I could afford multiple hoops!!
I was gobsmacked. It was the beginning of a beautiful relationship with Moodhoops. I felt so humbled and supported –  by my local tribe and my tribe overseas. I felt like people everywhere were recognising my art, which was deeply moving.

So… Out of a theft, and the community’s support, I ended up with MORE hoops.

Since then I’ve been making a lot of little videos, like this one here:

And doing lots of photo shoots too with my new LED hoops!

But wait, there’s more! I have a big announcement to share with you:

Last week I was publicly sponsored by Moodhoops, the US company who make the LED hoops that I love to spin with. Of 20 artists worldwide, I am the only Australian hooper.

I truly believe that it was with the help of good people that I was recognised overseas as a valuable member of my local community and festival scene. You can find my profile on their website (with an interview) hereI am being propelled by community into a rich, incredible, challenging career path with my hoops!

And so! This week I made a killer video hooping to my favourite song in the world – V
ini Vici’s remix of Hilight Tribe – Free Tibet. I’m launching a campaign to perform onstage with Vini Vici at this year’s Earthcore! And I’d LOVE if you gave it  a watch! Here it is!! – – –


If that link doesn’t work, you can find it over at Helly Hoops.

Lastly, after a two hour audition I was accepted into a four-month Theatre and Clowning School here in Melbourne. 

To help me cover course fees, I screen printed my hand-drawn artworks as an edition here in Melbourne. Check them out here! They’re reeeeeal purty.
Well, that’s what I’ve been up to recently! I hope this has given you a little bit of warmth in the winter. 😉
With much love !!
xx Helly Hoops

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