Sublime Designs

living, loving, photography, travel


In the world and around.


Bread cafe, Bogota, Colombia.

Salento, Colombia

Bogota, Colombia.

Roof, in Chile. A Literary and Arts centre

Cartagena, Colombia

Cosy little cottage in Salento, Colombia

Designed to be beautiful; Potosi, Bolivia



83 thoughts on “Sublime Designs

  1. I would love to paint my house in those vibrant colors – too many danged rules. And the stained glass is beautiful. Thanks!

    1. It’s amazing that some of these places exist in really ramshackle neighbourhoods… for the rest of us in western suburbia, colour is one of the most important yet under-valued things. I say paint your house! Damn the Joneses.

      1. Oh no, my apologies! I’m really messing up these replies. It wasn’t supposed to be sarcastic, I love the name, it’s great.

      2. Lol, you took it too seriously Helen.
        I am a fun person, although I may appear serious from my name & possibly my blog.
        And names don’t really matter, do they?


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