Present for dear Vicky

living, loving, rhymes and rhythm


You seem to me a puzzle, and I’ve lost the missing piece

But I can’t accept I’m lacking, so my searching I increase

This I’m sorry for, it’s weakness. I begin to mend my ways

as I focus on the harmony that brings together strays

And I know that I’m demanding, and abrasive, and acute

It’s a reminiscent remnant of the need to be astute

To have weaponry of wording when attacks begin to sail

And you know what I refer to, it’s a certain kind of male

There’s a forceful urge inside me to attain a certain state

Where the challenges of life that should be tackled lie in wait

I am brutal in appraisal of my actions and my mind

Forgetting when I question you I need to be more kind

But Vicky, it’s your birthday, and we will not linger here

The tears I cry this moment have made something very clear

I’ll always seek my family for solace and release

Please enjoy the day, I love you, and my gift to you is peace.




Two sister trees




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