My artist statement

living, loving, travel

Helen War



A vision, moving slowly through the scenes of Milford Sound

The journey that inspired re-creation through an art

I knew then on the ocean that the peace I sought was found

To capture clarity in candid nature was a start

My mind was turned to yearn for work of worthiness anew

and call upon the memories that cycle well-known routes

where fingertips press tested temple, held there by a glue

to search for honest method with a medium that suits

For meaning maps mortality to land beyond the mire

Then traces tracks that terminate in toiled wasted time

But looking up, the stars against a blackness are on fire

There’s music at the mention of a mountain you can climb

Of stamping on a fabric printed, just like coins when newly minted

Serving to preserve the jams of thought against the mould

As time erodes the mind and precious clarity is tinted

I spend my time expressing what won’t be there when I’m old

To know the joy of travel, step inside the art around

Begin to breathe the air inside the deeper distant past

where layered lair of labour hangs above the hampered ground

to mimic mocking memories, elusive as they are vast

See solace in a semblance of some strips that tell a tale

A panoramic drama that narrates without the noise

But I can hear the pounding waves upon the ferry rail

And the squawking as a seagull floats upon the wind with poise

If pictures tell a thousand words, a novel’s in the air

my written carving speaks of thought and friendships that exist

It could be said these words are an extensive kind of prayer

To mighty Mother Nature who embraced me and I kissed

I want to feel that joy again in simple sweet sublime

The focus of the present is elation to the soul

This need dictated choice to write of Mindscape in a rhyme

For writing, art and music melts for me inside a bowl.






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