Make it a grande, world.

rhymes and rhythm

It’s time to cast aside the residues of websites past and embrace citizenship in the ever-forward blogging nation. This is your host for the post with the most, Helen War. It’s a delight to be here, on this planet, in this moment.

There’s nothing but blue sky, a breeze in my mind
for there’s never a reason to grey what you find
There’s nothing to cover the light of a life
if you hover above all the hurt and the strife
And once you’re up there you can look down below
at the people who suffer to put on a show
They’re the ones with the tedious jobs that they hate
loudly blaming the world but they make their own fate

So you float down to Earth and you see with new eyes
All the people with vision that can’t recognise
That your happiness cannot be bought, bound or bartered
the route to this finding is not simply chartered
Instead it is lying in wait of your choices
And listens to singing and single sharp voices
In harmony with what the world has to give
And filter detritus, keep good like a sieve.




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