Helen War is Helly Hoops

Performing at the Sub Club’s birthday event with Mortisville & Friends, May 2016


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Helen War, also known as Helly Hoops, is a professional hoopdancer based in Melbourne, Australia.

A hoopdance based on the love of FLOW. Musicality. Listening. A captivating dancer bringing great energy and power to the stage. Cultivated over years of practice, years of exploring.

Currently in her second year of teaching beginner and intermediate courses for Hoop Sparx, in 2015 she was selected to be on the Hoop Troupe and performed onstage at Electric Forest Festival in the US, then Earthcore and Subsonic music festivals. She was a roving performer at Psyfari festival in NSW, Australia; and went on to England to perform and teach workshops at Southwest Hoop convention. With over 170,000 views on her Facebook page videos, this glitch hooper throws down unlike any other, tossing hoops into fingertip balances and defining a unique, eye-catching, brassy, memorable dance.


She is currently teaching for Hoop Sparx in Brunswick, St Kilda, and Preston. To book, click the link here.


For performance bookings and one-on-one classes, contact helenwar.is@gmail.com.

Helen also MC’s events and thrives with a microphone. Grab her, and put her on a stage.


Check out her youtube channel.

Join the community on her facebook page.

Follow on instagram.



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2 thoughts on “Helen War is Helly Hoops

  1. Helen. I met you at Rainbow. Up at the Sunset stage on Sunday night. The psytrance sets. My names is Michael. We had a chat. You were amazing. You later came back to my friend and I. I just wanted to say how important I think your work is. The media tried to highlight the couple of bad things at the festival but forgot to mention all the wonderful things that happened. You being one of them. Very inspiring. I want to wish you all the best with your trade. My boys and I just loved it. Take care on your journey. Xxx

    1. Hey Michael! Thanks for getting in contact! It was so lovely to talk to you, I really enjoyed the conversation. Glad to hear you had a great festival and remembered the good times. They can never take that from us! I hope you are well, and I’ll see you again somewhere. x

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